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Shipping to Germany Now Costs Less!


Looking for the best way to ship your US purchases to Germany? This is now an even better solution than ever! We've lowered our rates for shipping from the US to Germany by as much as 45%.

Shipping Rates Are Lower Than Ever!

*USD prices are a set cost. Local currency is an approximation and shown for convenience only

Our Budget Economy and Budget Express carriers require duties and taxes upfront.

Our shipping rates to Germany have been reduced by as much as 45%, with prices for shipping 1lb starting as low as $10.99.

Our Budget Economy shipping option delivers to you within 5-10 days, with new low prices from 1lb and up:

·         1lb at $10.99

·         2lb at $13.99

·         3lb at $15.99

·         4lb at $19.99

·         5lb at $24.99.... Higher weight on request

If you need your US products faster, our new Budget Express carrier will meet your needs! Budget Express will deliver your package in 4-9 days, with prices for 1lb and up:

·         1lb at $15.99

·         2lb at $18.99

·         3lb at $20.99

·         4lb at $26.99

·         5lb at $29.99..... Higher weight on request