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BMW R1200GS | Adventure folding head light protector "SP7725 | SP7925"


BMW R1200GS | Adventure folding head light protector

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The head light protector for the BMW R1200GS and GS Adventure protects the expensive head light and prevents damages that can be caused by stone chips.

This protection can be very important when riding offroad.

Hits by flying stones could cause expensive repairs or even a replacement of the headlamp.

The shield of the headlight guard is made of optically pure and scratch resistant acrylic glass and attached to a black coated frame.

Due to the elaborated folding mechanism, this shield can be folded down in order to clean the headlight and the inner parts of the protector.

(SP7925) bmw r 1200 gs adv 2005 - 2012
(SP7725) bmw r 1200 gs std 2004 - 2012    

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